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How police arrested the key suspect in the murder of the 2 cops at Kasoa

A video of how Eric Kojo Duah, the man suspected to have shot and killed the two police officers at Kasoa got arrested has surfaced online.

In the video, about five police officers and a military man were seen escorting Eric and another man into their patrol car.

Eric Duah is said to have killed two police officers after engaging in a verbal argument with them while driving in town with his friends A video has surfaced online concerning the moment Eric Kojo Duah, the suspected Kasoa police killer got arrested.

In the video, a man suspected to be in the company of Eric was first escorted to the police patrol car by an army officer and a police man.

Eric Duah was the second person to be whisked into the car as four police officers escorted him in handcuffs.

The demeanor of the police officers effecting the arrest was of eagerness because the man under arrest is said to be dangerous.

The suspect and his friend were said to have been arrested at Atimpoku near Akosombo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. While the two men were escorted from the black-colored Golf car, hawkers near the Adomi Bridge watched in awe.